Due to law school, additional work with City Kitties, and a slight technical snafu with the domain, adoptalol has been out of commission for quite some time.  Several wonderful kitties have come and gone since then but the two in our house right now are Goliath and Julian.



Julian was trapped as part of a TNR effort and once he was examined, it was discovered that he had

entropion so badly that he couldn’t really open his eyes. This is a birth defect where the eyelids turn inward causing the lashes to rub against the eye.  One of his  corneas was ruptured and it wasn’t entirely certain that his eye could be saved.  And to everyone’s surprise this poor guy wasn’t feral, he was friendly!  He certainly could not be returned outside so the TNR rescue group sought out a rescue situation and Julian became a City Kitty.

Julian’s eyes were able to be saved, and he had surgery to fix his eyelids so that they no longer rub his corneas.  He he does have some scarring on both eyes from the chronic irritation that took place before his eyelids were repaired, but his vision has not been significantly impaired.  He can navigate and play just like any other cat, he just sometimes misses his target by a few millimeters (and you probably wouldn’t want him driving!).  This former outdoor alley cat has quickly adjusted to indoor life with cat beds, heaters, and cuddle sessions with his foster brother.  With his small little eyes and big tomcat head, this big guys would make a uniquely adorable addition to any type of home.

Julian is 2-3 years old, spayed/neutered, FIV/FeLV negative, FVRCP and rabies vaccinated, received a fecal exam to test for parasites, uses the litterbox, and was treated for fleas and parasites as needed.



Goliath showed up at his caretaker’s house as a big, jowly – and apparently feral – tomcat. After many months, quite suddenly, as she was putting food out one winter day, he walked right up to the food bowl before she’d moved away. She reached her hand out and was surprised that he let her pet him while he was eating. Soon after that, she contacted City Kitties and brought him to the vet for neutering and care. He was initially nervous around people, but he quickly warmed up and now purrs loudly and loves petting, treats and affection.

Goliath is playful and affectionate and seems to get along with other laid-back cats. He’s a big boy, weighing in at over 15 pounds of solid muscle – he looks like a big, shiny black panther. This gorgeous boy would love to find a permanent indoor home. He’d probably do well in just about any situation.

Goliath is about 2-3 years old, neutered, FIV/FeLV negative, up to date on FVRCP and rabies vaccinations, and has been tested/treated for fleas/parasites as needed.


Wenesday is actually getting enough food in foster care, but she’d love a forever home.  Contact City Kitties to apply!

The cat tree before

I’m not sure what possessed me to take on another project.  I’m working full time, foster coordinator for City Kitties, and in law school.  But it is school break and I had an afternoon off.  Of course there are 100 things that need to get done around my home (exciting things like cleaning out the refrigerator, which has something sticky and syrupy in the bottom).  But instead of accomplishing one of these important tasks, I decided to start rehabbing an old cat tree that a neighbor was getting rid of.  Yay!  Cat furniture.  It took about thirty minutes to rip off the old “trunk” carpet and pull out all the staples.  It took another hour and a half to staple/glue on the new rope.  I can’t decide if I want to replace the green carpeting and I still need to do something about the base, but I think it is a vast improvement.

Cat tree after

If anyone in West Philly knows where I can get some free/cheap carpet scraps to cover the base of the cat tree (and possibly redo the green carpet if I decide to be ambitious) let me know!



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My kitties all love Yeowww catnip toys, so I included one of those. I also added a rattley mouse (because I remember Mikey liking it when he stayed at my house), two crinkley balls, two jingle balls, and a rattely owl. And of course, Ginger cookies for Mikey's mom. In my experience they are more durable in the mail than chocolate chip (which tend to arrive in a big pile of crumbs).

Mikey (the little kitten born with new eyes who was adopted several months ago) spent last weekend in the animal Emergency room.  I have spent my share of nights at the animal Emergency room (with my own animals and City Kitties fosters).  It is a horrible, scary experience.  I spent some time this year at the “real” emergency room with my husband.  And somehow the animal emergency room is a scarier, sadder, place.

I never know quite the right response when a friend ends up there.  In truth, I guess there is very little that I can do.  Mikey spent several weekends at my house when his foster mom was traveling.  And he made a huge impact on me (and on many other people).  Mikey has been struggling lately and ended up in the hospital last weekend.  Tests showed he was not manufacturing blood cells (red, white or platelets).  This is a very bad sign.  Mikey rebounded a bit and was eating on his own, so he went home yesterday.  He’s headed back to the hospital tomorrow for more tests (some kind of bone marrow extract that sounds serious).  His adoptive mom, his foster mom, and many other individuals who met this amazing kitty are very concerned.

I wish there was something I could do to actually help.  My family’s solution to sadness, pain, angst (or really any other emotion) is to feed it.  So I’m sending a care package filled with homemade cookies and lots of noisy, crinkley toys for Mikey.  It seems like a silly thing to do, and in the end it probably doesn’t help the situation at all.  But I feel kind of powerless to do anything else.  I hope Mikey and his Mom know how many people are cheering for them.

Irving is a super special kitty, but one of my favorite things about him are his stunning golden eyes.  Unfortunately (because he is such a playful guy and he doesn’t like to sit still unless he is sleeping) I haven’t been able to capture them on film until now.   Of course there are many other wonderful things about Irving.  I love how easily he integrated into my home (there was no adjustment, he automatically got along with Darwin).  I love his sweet pink nose.  I love the kitty acrobatics (he will jump to amazing heights if you dangle a string for him).  I love the snuggles and purrs (he snuggled up in my arms all night yesterday).  I just updated his adoption profile on the City Kitties website.  If you thinking of adding a kitty to your family, you should definitely consider Mr. Irving.




   It’s always bittersweet to say good-bye to a kitty, but Mr. Louie has found himself a forever home.  He is going to be missed

Louie (top right) has left our house.  But Darwin (top left) and Irving (bottom) have arrived!  Yay.


Louie is helping me study for my Food and Drug Law final exam, but he doesn’t seem to find Food and Drug Law very exciting.  YAWN.  He says, “Lawz on nom noms sayz you should feedz me MORE?”


Between working full time, preparing for exams and saving kitties, my blog has been a bit neglected.  Today I should be working on my take home final for Drug Products Liability, but I am procrastinating, so my blog is getting updated.  And it needs an update.  There is lots of foster kitty news.  The most exciting news is probably that Bam Bam found his forever home! Yay!  This sweet guy definitely deserved an awesome place after his previous owners abandoned him – and I’m so happy he found it.  Of course with Bam Bam leaving we had space for new kitties.  Darwin and Scarlett have joined Louie in my foster pack.

Darwin was a stray that a local good citizen took in, fed and tried to find a home for.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find home for kitties around here and she asked for City Kitties help.  Darwin came in to the vet two weeks ago, but unfortunately foster space didn’t open up quickly.  So he stayed at the vet for two whole weeks.  When Bam Bam found a home we swooped this guy up.  Darwin is a giant snuggle bug.  He is the perfect mix of mellow and playful.  When I come upstairs, he is all purrs and generally wants to sit on my lap.  But he’s also a big goofball (definitely not the most coordinated kitty I’ve fostered).   Sometimes at night I hear him zooming around the attic like a fuzzy tornado.

Scarlett also came home with me (putting me way over cat-pacity).  I usually try to only take two fosters at a time.  But now I have Louie, Darwin and Scarlett.  Louie and Scarlett have become fast friends and often engage in kitty wrestling matches.  Scarlett came in to ACCT with chemical burns on her face, ears and eyes.  She was pulled as part of the City Kitties “Meatball Fund” program to help special needs kitties.  She spent several weeks at the vet recovering and then came here.  The first thing I noticed about this girl is that she is TINY.  She looks like she is a kitten.  But her tiny size does not reflect her giant personality.  This little girl is fearless.  She stared down my German Shepherd without a second thought.   She definately has some of the famous tortie spunk.  I finally have someone who plays with all my cat toys!  She especially likes the little balls with bells or rattles inside.  Even with her tortie “attitude,”  she is a sweetheart.   She loves head scratches and follows me around waiting for attention.  This girl is spectacular.

Louie is also doing well.  He is such a sweet guy.  He loves to snuggle on my lap and kneads his paws endlessly in an adorable way.  He is a pretty mellow guy, but I think have Scarlett around has been good for him.  He has been more playful.  While it takes him a few hours to adjust every time we bring new kitties in, I think he likes having other kitties around.